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Zero waste boxes provide you with a wonderful start on your journey to use less plastic in your home, and everyday life. They also provide an opportunity to try refilling instead of purchasing plastic bottles of hand soap and dish soap. Refilling can be done with a mobile refillery such as Lindsay’s, at a shop (we have several in the Kimberley and Cranbrook areas!) or you can use other products such as tablets or concentrated soaps, to which water is added.


Lindsay Sackett of Travelling Top-Ups Mobile Refillery and I have designed three boxes for laundry, bath, and kitchen! They make a lovely gift idea for a family member, friend, associate, or even yourself!


Zero Waste Laundry Box


Package of 40 laundry strips

3 dryer balls

1 organic cotton mesh bag

Stain stick 3 ½ inches long by 2 ½ x 2 ½

Cost: $50


Squeaky Green Box


250 ml Glass Bottle with pump

Refillable liquid hand soap in bottle

Set of 3 brushed cotton facial wipes

Hemp exfoliating mitt

Bamboo toothbrush

Cost: $50


Zero Waste Kitchen Box


250 ml glass bottle with pump

Refillable liquid dish soap in bottle

Pop up biodegradable sponge

Set of 8 reusable un-paper towels

Hemp medium sized wash cloth

Cost: $50

Zero Waste Boxes

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